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What are you Living for?

What's your Purpose in life?

It's probably NOT what you think it is.

A Fillable PDF Designed to Help You Discover and Initiate Your Life's Purpose.

Joel and Rebekah's Story

You will learn how Joel found his life purpose, but 10 years later lost it (or lost sight of it), and then how he rediscovered his life purpose in a most unexpected way.

8 Steps to Find YOUR Purpose

Through a process of self-discovery, you will learn what things make you feel alive. When we put all the pieces together, you should find your life's purpose.

8 Traits Needed to DO Your Purpose

We explore 8 qualities you will need to start and continue any new vision or venture AND how you can cultivate those qualities in your life.

Based On The Forthcoming Book (mid 2020)


A Practical Guide to Find Your Purpose and Transform Your Life.

About the Authors

Joel Hughes

Joel Hughes is a husband and father. He is the author of  four books, co-producer of the movie A Brave Hope, and director of Rebekah’s Hope. He holds degrees in Christian ministry and philosophy. Joel lives in Southern California with Rebekah and his two kids.

Rebekah Hughes

Rebekah and Joel were married in 2014. She is a co-founder of Rebekah's Hope.  Rebekah is the focus of an award winning feature documentary, A Brave Hope.  She is working on a book, Clothed With Strength, chronicling her life, faith, and journey with cancer (stages 1 and 4).